ORC Woodland Adventure
Oct 28 - Oct 30, 2016

WheelersLLC was honored to be a part of the 1st annual 2106 Woodland Adventure presented by Off Road Consulting.  This event was a totally original and challenging off road scavenger hunt as described below. 

The Off Road Consulting Woodland Adventure is a mix of off road driving, geocaching, mapping/navigating wrapped up into one weekend! This fun, family friendly event is perfect for stock or modified vehicles.

Wheelers Day 2018
​December 31, 2017 - January 1, 2018

This year was bigger and better than last year.  With Kelsea’s Kitchen catering the event, Quadratec, Off-Road Consulting, World Tour Off-Road Equipment, and Main Line Overland as a sponsors.  

Off-Road Consulting guided trail rides both days, and we had free reign of AOAA on Monday.  Some great memories and new friends were made.

Photos by:  Joseph Gorgol Photography 

2nd Annual Wheelers Day

Dec 31 - Jan 1 2017

WheelersLLC celebrates the New Year by running trails on the 31st and 1st day of the New Year at Rausch Creek and AOAA.

What started out with two rigs and a dream turned into a 20 plus vehicle, 2 day wheeling and New Year's extravaganza!

Not only did we beast mode all over the trails at Rausch Creek and lived to tell the tale, but we came back safely in time to ring in the New Year with good food, great folks and true Wheelers (including Tugok the frog of course)! 

New Years Day was extra special because not only did we wheel in 2017, but we were fortunate to be the first group of full sized vehicles to run an exclusive overland loop that will be featured in our next event, Wheelers Overland Adventure!

Wheelers Overland Adventure

May 17-20, 2018 

"Overlanding is a extremely popular form of 'off road' travel these days that essentially describes self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations. It is not straight-up rock crawling or surviving difficult obstacles, but it may involve dealing with those things to get where you need to go. Typically, it is more off-the grid camping and traveling in a purpose-built vehicle where the entire experience is less about the destination and more on the journey."​

For the second year over 100 rigs traversed the grounds of AOAA for 3 days.  Trail riding, Off-Roading, Rock Bouncing, Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area offers all levels of challenge which brought in all levels of vehicles to experience the trails.

While some hit the trails first thing, a few came to learn about Navigation, Recovery Gear, Radio Communications, etc.  

Lots of amazing food being cooked in the campground was the order of the evening as attendees prepped for the evening campfire.  

Thanks to all that came and made this year another huge success!  

Special thanks to our sponsors:  

Garden State Jeeps

Off Road Consulting

Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area

Trailhead Campground

Wheelers Overland Adventure

​May 18 - May21

As Quadratec, our Title Sponsor, aptly put it:

"Something not quite off-road. Not quite instruction. Not just camping. Or even Overlanding.!​

But something that takes all of those things and molds them together into one inclusive weekend experience that can only be described by a single word.


For our first event it was more than we could've hoped for with over 100 vehicles in attendance. We hope everyone was able to create their own adventures, you all are the reason we enjoy what we do. It's all about coming together with like minded people and sharing our passions.

Thanks to everyone that made the journey. See you next year! Happy wheeling!


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