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​​Overland Trip Planning and Leading the Adventure - Ridgeback Guide Services
How to organizing an overland adventure where you will be ‘off the grid’.  This class will include preparation and pointers for trail leadership while off roading.

Navigation 101 - US Nomads
This class will cover the basic concepts of navigation, introducing map and compass use in coordination with GPS. Participants will learn:

  • How to read a topo map and understand what the symbols mean in a 3D world
  • How to read lat/long coordinates and plot points on a map
  • How to use a magnetic compass to determine position and find basic heading directions
  • How to orient the map to the ground and follow a heading on backcountry terrain (basic dead reckoning concepts, handrails and backstops) without reference to GPS, on foot and as applied to vehicle based movement
  • Differences between GPS use onroad and offroad, and an introduction to coordinating paper maps with GPS for route planning
  • Basic concepts of routing using topo maps (digital and/or paper)

Navigation 201USNomads
This class will pick up where 101 left off with a focus on planning routes and mapping, and the real-world complications of following a route. Participants will be introduced to:

  • ​How to plot and measure heading/distance on a paper map and using a digital map interface
  • How to work between different formats of lat/long coordinates
  • How to coordinate map “datums” between paper maps and GPS
  • How to plot waypoints and make a route when given precise coordinates
  • How to plan and plot a route when just given a target destination
  • How to review terrain for complex route planning
  • Techniques for driving the route in the real world (distance measures, offsets, and following the topography)
  • How to identify their exact position in the field by reference to terrain features (principles of triangulation and using a compass for sighting)

Adventure Travel Planning - Getting There - Overland Quest

Presentation will extensively cover travel planning from conception to execution including research, computation, and preparation.


​ Want to get there but perhaps are daunted by the overland trip planning process? The Adventure Travel Planning presentation is bound to give you ideas on how to better plan your next journey. We will review the entire process from conception to completion. This presentation will allow for plenty of self assessment on what your travel concept’s purpose or destination will be. We will review different research methods and how you can compile all these bits into a logical travel plan. The final piece will be the preparation involved and the execution of your quest for adventure. Get there.

Vehicle Based Navigation - NAV Gear for the Modern Overlander - Overland Quest

A detailed look into vehicle based navigation covering the equipment and techniques used to plot your course overland.

​This presentation is designed to cover a wide range of vehicle based navigation equipment, its use and operation as well as ways to get the most out of out of your gear. In depth discussion on electronic mapping, satellite navigation, paper maps, and auxiliary gear used to make navigation easier. Though this class is intended for overlanders who have some experience traveling using electronic and paper maps, people who are just beginning the overland lifestyle can draw inspiration from the course.

Communications 101 & 201 - NE-OVEX

NE-OVEX will provide a detailed review of equipment, antennas, radio types and benefits as well as presentation on operation of equipment.  We will also cover FCC rules and regulations relating to the radio types.

​Overlanding and Off-Roading with 4-Legged Companions - Hamilton Safari

​What to plan for when your best friend has 4 legs and doesn’t like being left behind when you hit the trails. Topics to be covered include general pet first aid, pre-trip planning and recommended gear.

Sponsored by:

The 2nd Annual Wheelers Overland Adventure will be much bigger than year 1!  Thanks to all the participants who came out, the sponsors are looking to do it better!  

This three (3) night three (3) day overland camping and wheeling event will now cover you and your family (up to 4 visitors per vehicle) for camping and park access.  As always we are family friendly and pets are welcome! (we even have classes about them)

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If you would like to become a sponsor or Vendor please contact us at Mike@WheelersLLC.com

2018 Wheelers Overland Adventure