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expedition. Thank you to our sponsors and fellow wheelers !

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2018 Wheelers Overland Adventure


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The 2nd Annual Wheelers Overland Adventure will be much bigger than year 1!  Thanks to all the participants who came out, the sponsors are looking to do it better!  

This three (3) night three (3) day overland camping and wheeling event will now cover you and your family (up to 4 visitors per vehicle) for camping and park access.  As always we are family friendly and pets are welcome! (we even have classes about them)

If you would like to become a sponsor or Vendor please contact us at Mike@WheelersLLC.com

Sponsored by:

Winching 101 - Off Road Consulting
This class is designed to discuss gear and basic hook ups.  This will show you the techniques needed for basic winching and what equipment to carry.

Recovery Gear - What Do I Need? - Off Road Consulting
Class is designed to go over recovery gear.  We will go over things from Maxtrax to winching.

Hi-Lift Basics - Off Road Consulting
Complete breakdown of a Hi Lift showing what every parts purpose is.  Then we jack.  Using the jack in its correct set ups and showing techniques and safety.

Winching 201 - Off Road Consulting
Advanced hook ups and situations.  Showing heavy and technical pulls.

Overland with a Trailer - Off Road Consulting
Come try your trailer driving ability on our off-road course.


Hi-Lift 201 - Off Road Consulting
Advanced jacking techniques and other uses of a Hi Lift jack.